When Does Jelly Bean Hit Samsung Galaxy S2 & Note (Update)

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Android 4.2 came out recently – not as Key Lime Pie after all, but as a minor Jelly Bean update. A subtle change, but with lots of new features.

Most Samsung phone owners are still waiting on the first Jelly Bean, but if you’re with Canadian carrier Rogers, then it’s good news, as the update will be coming to older devices very soon. The Samsung Galaxy S2, the original Note and the Samsung Galaxy S3 will all be getting Jelly Bean very soon.

Android Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S3, S2 & Note

Hopefully, there’ll be no delays with these updates. Rogers says its LTE Samsung Galaxy S3 will get the update very soon indeed, and the Galaxy Note and the S2 will follow later in December. The Samsung Galaxy S2 will be just in front of the Note supposedly.

The news of the updates came after a Jelly Bean ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note was leaked online. Rumours have spread that the Samsung Galaxy Note and S2 may stay on Android 4.1 and never bump up to 4.2. However that’s a problem for another day. Right now we just want Jelly Bean 4.1

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