Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update Just Days Off From S3

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Samsung have not been the fastest to get out their updates to owners in the past. However they could have turned over a new leaf as Android 4.1 has rolled out to a lot of owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in what has to be record time. Along with this owners of the year old S2 have also been promised the updated.

Samsung Galaxy S2 update may just be around the corner

Rumour has it that owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2 will not have to wait long for the arrival of the update. Samsung in Denmark have said through Facebook that the update to Jelly Bean for the S2 will come at some point in November. Samsung Sweden also said that the update would be coming in Q4 of 2012. Carriers in Canada have also given a launch window for the update.

Telus has said that their Samsung Galaxy S3, which has compatibility for LTE and the Snapdragon processor, will be the first device to get Jelly Bean and this will then be followed by the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the original Note. This is supposed to happen at some point in the last half of December.

Therefore it looks as though owners of the S2 will get the update to Jelly Bean just a couple of days, weeks tops, as the S3 has already had its rollout started and we’ve got just 14 days left before the month is up.

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