Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Release Queued Behind Galaxy S3

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While Samsung usually take their time in getting updates out, they could have made a change for the better in regards to the Jelly Bean update, as they have been rolling it out in record time for the Samsung Galaxy S3, and now its predecessor appears to be right around the corner.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update shadowing S3

There are many people who believe that the year old Samsung Galaxy S2 will be updated once the Galaxy S3 has been updated around the world. Another Samsung device that will get the update to Jelly Bean as well alongside is the original Note. However it is thought that the S2 will get it first, behind the S3 and then only the phablet. This may happen sometime this month; confirmation has been given by various Samsung sources around Europe.

Samsung Denmark posted on Facebook that they would update the Samsung Galaxy S2 to Android 4.1 in November, but that never came about. While over in Sweden Samsung said that the update would happen at some point in Q4, so this must mean December. Networks in Canada have said the same thing, so it seems that if plans are stuck to, Jelly Bean will be the Christmas present to owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2.

By all accounts the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean rollout should be concluded by the end of 2012. Thankfully Verizon doesn’t offer the Galaxy S2, so there will be no worries about them having to get their act together. Keep your fingers crossed that Sprint, along with T-Mobile will be able to deliver Jelly Bean to owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2 before Christmas Eve as well!

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