Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update Now Available… If You’re Up To It

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If you have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and you’re after Jelly Bean, your wait may be over soon. There’s been an update for the international Samsung Galaxy S2 leaked online, which may be the harbinger of the official version.

Official Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update leaked

The Android Jelly Bean update was from XDA developers for the I-9100 international Samsung Galaxy S2. It’s bug-free, apparently, which makes many think it may be the finished version. Samsung said that the official update would come in November, so this might explain it.

The new update will give Samsung Galaxy S2 owners access to Jelly Bean’s new TouchWiz interface, as well as loads of new Jelly Bean features like Google Now.

We’re waiting on Samsung to get the official update out, but if you’re handy at flashing ROMs, then have a go with the leaked version. Do remember though, that the official version is nearly with us, and carries no risk and is much easier to install.

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