Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update: Here Ya Go!

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Samsung Galaxy S2 owners will be delighted to find out that the Jelly Bean update is on its way – the update has been leaked onto international handsets already.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean official update leaked

This leak comes from XDA developers, and it’s Android 4.1.2. The build is I-9100 and it seems free of bugs. This may be the final Jelly Bean build for the Samsung Galaxy S2, as Samsung did say it’d have the update out by November, so the company might be fulfilling its promise albeit a little late.

Jelly Bean will bring features like the new TouchWiz Nature UI to the Samsung Galaxy S2, hence revamping the phone which is over a year old now.

Samsung hasn’t started rolling this update out yet, so you’ll need to know how to flash a ROM if you want to get it now. If you have no idea what this even means, you’d be best to wait a bit for Jelly Bean to arrive either OTA or from Kies.

When the update does land, the international Samsung Galaxy S2 will be first in line. From then on, it’s up to the individual carriers in the US to get moving. For AT&T customers, it could be a bit of a wait given their track record and the fact that they haven’t even delivered Jelly Bean to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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