Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update: What We Know So Far

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Samsung are among the leaders in mobile phones as they have sold millions of handsets all around the world. Even some of the older devices of Samsung are popular today and it is due to this that they get updated with the latest software. One of the devices that will get Jelly Bean updates is the Samsung Galaxy S2. Others include the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Ace 2 and other devices.

It appears that Android Jelly Bean 4.2 is making its way to the Samsung Galaxy S2, thanks to changes having been seen to the online manual to include new information.

Samsung in Ukraine have given information regarding the update. Their website says that the Samsung Ace 2, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 will get the update on 3rd March.

The Samsung Galaxy Note should get the update on the 1st March to Jelly Bean 4.1. People in the UK are hoping that they too will get the update soon as they have seen changes to the manual online.

So it looks like after all the Samsung Galaxy S2 units in the wild get Android 4.1.2, there is still hope for another jump to Android 4.2 which brings more additions like PhotoSphere and Gesture-based typing.

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