Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update: What’s The Good Word

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Samsung have sold millions of devices all around the world, which does make them leaders in the smartphone market. Some of the older handsets of Samsung are still as strong as ever and due to this they are getting updated to the latest software, which is Jelly Bean. One of the latest devices thought to be getting Jelly Bean is the Samsung Galaxy S2, this is along with the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Ace 2, plus other handsets.

Jelly Bean 4.2 is coming out for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung have made changes to the manual online so as to include the new information.

Samsung Ukraine has also given information about the update. According to their website it will be coming to the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 along with the Samsung Galaxy S2 on 3rd March.

On 1st March the Samsung Galaxy Note should be updated to Jelly Bean also. Customers in the UK are keeping their fingers crossed that they too will get the update as changes have been made for handsets in the UK too.

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