Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update: What’s Happening?

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If you are into technology then you may know that Samsung are one of the leaders in the world of smartphones as they have managed to sell many millions of handsets all around the world. Some of their older devices are still used today and play a large part in their market. Now there are rumours that some of the older handsets of Samsung will be getting updated to the latest OS. Jelly Bean is said to be heading to the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Samsung Galaxy Note, Ace 2 and more handsets.

Just last week we found out that the Samsung Galaxy S2 would be getting updated to Jelly Bean 4.1.1, Samsung made changes to the online manual to reflect this.

Over in Samsung Ukraine some more information has been revealed about the update to handsets for Jelly Bean, including the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. The website says that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is to get the Jelly Bean update 4.1.1 on 3rd March.

On the 1st March the Samsung Galaxy Note will also be updated.

Let’s hope that the update does come soon and that people are not left waiting for them thanks to carriers being slow.

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