Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update: Don’t Pull The Cork Yet

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Those who own the Samsung Galaxy S2 have heard good news as Samsung have confirmed that the device will be getting updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean after all.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update: coming but when?

Samsung said that the update to Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S2 would start to make its way out in February. However this was just in Singapore and there has not been an indication as to when the devices in other parts of the world will get the update.

Of course Samsung and Android updates are somewhat of a sensitive subject. This came around after the problem with ICS for the Samsung Galaxy S2 when it came out one year ago in the US and was very late. Samsung have been working hard since this time to clean its name.

As they had an awful track record with updates Samsung have worked hard at getting updates out faster to devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

As a lot of Samsung Galaxy S2 owners have been through enough with updates in the past, it is hoped that Samsung will pull out all the stops with getting Jelly Bean out to owners and have carriers AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile understand the urgency.

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