Samsung Galaxy S2: Jelly Bean Yuletide Beckons

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Samsung has always been a bit slow with Android updates, but it’s about to get nifty with it as it’s rolling Jelly Bean out to its Galaxy S3 pronto! JB is also coming out to the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Sights on Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update

Many think that the Samsung Galaxy S2 will get JB as soon as the S3 has got the goodies. The Galaxy Note will also get JB, but only after the S2 apparently. This will happen sometime in December, according to Samsung Europe.

GadgetInsiders says that Samsung Denmark posted a Facebook message saying that the Samsung Galaxy S2 would be getting Jelly Bean in November. It’s past this deadline now. Samsung Sweden said it’d happen sometime in Q4, which leaves us with December. Canadian networks have backed this up, so it looks like Jelly Beans all round this Yuletide.

So, it looks like Jelly Bean will be worldwide by the end of the year. Verizon doesn’t carry the Samsung Galaxy S2, so we don’t need to worry about this company getting its act together since it only just got Jelly Bean out to the Samsung Galaxy S3. We’re hoping that Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile can roll Jelly Bean out to the Samsung Galaxy before Santa arrives.

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