News On Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update

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Samsung is a leading smartphone maker, selling millions of its handsets every year. Its older handsets are still going strong, and this performance means that lots of them are about to get bumped up to Jelly Bean. This latest OS will be making its way to the Galaxy S2, the Galaxy Note, the Ace 2 and other devices.

We’ve heard of late that Jelly Bean 4.2 is coming to the Galaxy S2, and in preparation for this, Samsung has changed and updated its online manual for the Note, adding new information about the firmware.

We’ve heard more about the Jelly Bean update from Samsung Ukraine. Its website says that Jelly Bean 4.2 will get to the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Ace 2 by March 3.

The original Galaxy Note is getting JB too – on March 1. UK customers are expecting the update before too long as well, as amendments have been made for the UK handset’s manual.

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