Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Jelly Bean: Current Status

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Samsung has a killer lineup of Android smartphones and the Galaxy brand in particular is growing more  popular by the day. As such, Samsung Galaxy phone are continuing to get the latest Android updated despite their age – the latest being Android Jelly Bean.

The Samsung Galaxy S2, along with the first Galaxy Note and the Ace 2, is getting Jelly Bean, with some people even talking about Jelly Bean 4.2 coming to the Galaxy S2. Samsung Europe in fact has edited its online handset manual to reflect this impending change.

Samsung Ukraine has also posted info online about the update – its website says that Jelly Bean 4.2 will get to the Galaxy Note and the S2 in March sometime, which is surprising as many are still yet to receive Jelly Bean 4.1.

What is definite, though, is that the US Samsung Galaxy S2 should be rocking Jelly Bean 4.1 in the very near future. As for the latter, leaks have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S2 get this final 4.2 bump up but be left out of the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie party.

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