Samsung Galaxy Phones Could Go “Nexus Pure” To Avoid Ban

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Samsung have confirmed today that they are willing to make changes to their handsets to avoid a ban from Apple.

Samsung can pure Android for its Galaxy handsets to avoid Apple’s move to ban existing devices

In the recent patent course case Apple won over Samsung and they have now said they want a ban on eight of Samsung’s handsets including the Samsung Galaxy S2. Samsung will fight this but if they fail then they are willing to make changes to their smartphones.

A spokesman for Samsung said that they would do everything possible to make sure that their products remained on the market. Samsung will first try to block the injunction but if all else fails they will then make the needed changes to avoid the ban.

During the trial 21 devices from Samsung were found to infringe on the technology and patents of Apple so it is thought that Apple may seek bans on more devices from Samsung during the week to come.

One interesting point brought up over at BGR’s comments is how exactly Samsung could avoid the ban. Because many of their patent infringements have to do with TouchWiz, their own custom UI that is placed on top of Android OS, Samsung could simply consider releasing an update which would bring stock build of the appropriate Android OS to these devices to eliminate the problem. By stock of course we mean clean Android like you see on the Nexus series of devices.

If this does come true, we are sure there will also be many happy Android buyers who despised TouchWize from day one.

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