Samsung Galaxy Note & S2 Jelly Bean Status Update

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Google may be releasing some news about a new Nexus device or devices, and they could be about to reveal Android 4.2. While this is all good and exciting, what many Android fans want to know is when their existing devices will get a bump up to Jelly Bean. Well there is some good news for a couple of Samsung devices – the Galaxy Note 2, Note 10.1 and the Galaxy S2.

Samsung Galaxy S2 & Note next up for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S2, along with the Note and the Note 10.1 will be getting an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean shortly. The update has gone out to owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in a lot of regions and this is a great sign for those with older devices as they should also be getting updated soon.

If you own the Samsung Galaxy S2, Note or Note 10.1 then Samsung Sweden has said that the devices would be updated within the coming months. AndroidAuthority said that the S2 will be updated at some point next month, with the Note and Note 10.1 during Q4 of 2012. The website of Samsung has also shown that the update will come by way of KIES and OTA.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 sold very well when it was released last year and there are many owners waiting to get their hands on Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean will breathe new life into the year old device.

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