Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean Update In March Despite S2 Being Older

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Despite the Samsung Galaxy Note being newer than the Samsung Galaxy S2, it now seems like the phablet may get the bump up to Android Jelly Bean after the S2. After Samsung announced that the Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update would begin its rollout in February (Singapore first), now word is that its sibling the Galaxy Note will only kickoff in March.

Samsung in Ukraine have published a list that is very interesting as it includes when Jelly Bean will be coming to some of the older devices. Of course you do have to consider the fact that some of these dates could be tentative at the moment and they may not represent when handsets will get the update around the globe, as this does depend on approval from the carrier.

One of the most notable names on the list is the Samsung Galaxy Note. The device is said to be getting Jelly Bean on 3rd March, which will soon be here. It is worth bearing in mind that Jelly Bean is ready for the Samsung Galaxy S3 in some places, however this may not be in all regions.

Other devices that are worth mentioning are the Galaxy Ace, 22nd April, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 on 22nd February and he Galaxy S Advance, which should get the update on 18th February. So it seems that if you own any of these devices you won’t have too long to wait until Jelly Bean arrives.

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