Official Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean Update Yours Now, Unofficially

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If you have the GT-N7000 version of the Samsung Galaxy Note then today is your lucky day as there has been a leak of the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean build for the device. However before you get too excited you should bear in mind that the version is not likely the final as there are known issues with the S-Pen.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean update leaked

So what enhancements might you expect from the update? According to the source who leaked it you can expect the following:

Project Butter and multi-view, however multi-view can be disabled. It will also bring Page Buddy, along with a notification panel that can be customised. The notification panel also comes with new additions. There is smart rotation and the new keyboard from Samsung, along with cloud services from Samsung.

Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop up Play are all welcome features to the Samsung Galaxy Note with the update too. Users can also look forward to new widgets, which have been taken from the Samsung Galaxy S3, and last but not the least, Google Now.

When the Jelly Bean update will be officially released is anyone’s guess. However there have been rumours that the update will come towards the end of the year or very early next year for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

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