Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean Update Is Super Smooth

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Samsung Galaxy Note users will be happy to know that Samsung are about ready to release the update to Jelly Bean OTA. A leak of the official ROM has just showed up and the folks over at gave it a spin, saying that is stable and smooth.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean update is stable

However at the moment this is not easy to flash for the casual user and developers are working on it and it is thought that there may be a usable version of the Samsung Galaxy Note ROM in just days. The update to Jelly Bean brings many new features to the device. It comes with all of the features of ICS along with those of the stock Android 4.1, and those from the Note 2, except multi-windows.

Samsung have ensured owners that the Samsung Galaxy Note will get the update to Jelly Bean before the end of the year, and this is a promise that it seems they will be able to keep. Then it will be up to the carriers to ensure that owners of the device are not kept waiting. It is hoped that carriers will not hold the update back. They have to customise the ROM to their needs and add on their bloatware as usual.

So, if you have been struggling along with custom ROMs that have been unstable, news of the update will be welcomed. However the downside to the news is that Google will more than likely have released Android 4.2 by the time that the Jelly Bean update is ready for the Galaxy Note OTA.

Let’s just hope that Samsung and the carriers will ensure that they start releasing updates faster as this is the only thing that lets Android down.

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