Apple Sues Samsung Over Galaxy Note & Jelly Bean OS

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While Apple has raked in a cool billion from its lawsuit against Samsung, it isn’t done with the Korean giant just yet. Earlier this week, Apple has told a judge that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as well as Android Jelly Bean infringes on its patents, and hence wants these two products added to the lawsuit.

Samsung Galaxy Note stylus & Android Jelly Bean added to Apple lawsuit

Bloomberg said that these arguments were made by Apple yesterday in the Federal court in San Jose. Apple has been trying to expand the lawsuit since 1st October when Samsung tried to add infringement claims against the iPhone 5, in the same case. Back in August Samsung had to pay out $1 billion when the jury ruled against them in the court case in a patent case separate to this one.

Both companies are showing no signs in letting up in their cases which takes place over four continents and relate to dominance of the smartphone market which is estimated to be around $219 billion.

Sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 began in August, and one of the selling points was the stylus. This is something that Apple doesn’t offer, and which has been built on since the Galaxy Note 5.3, a device with a similar stylus that was released earlier this year. Android Jelly Bean is of course the OS of Google which is offered on Samsung devices, along with the Nexus 7 and it was revealed in June.

On 1st October the judge rescinded the ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that had been placed there in June. She said that there weren’t grounds for keeping it in place after jurors decided that Samsung had not infringed on the patent in the case on 24th August.

Apple of course contested the ban, wanting it to remain in place, as the jury had found Samsung guilty of other infringements against Apple patents.

An Apple attorney has said that the Nexus is the only smartphone with Jelly Bean that Apple is seeking to add to the list of complaints about patents. Apple also intends to add 17 more devices that use a stylus, even though they don’t actually ship with a stylus.

Meanwhile an attorney for Samsung said that they only want to add one product and that is the iPhone 5.

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