Samsung Galaxy Note Fail Edition Won’t Have You Confuse

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Samsung has made it clear that they are going to refurbish the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and while it might still look like the Note 7 and has the same features, you won’t be confused by the refurbished models when it arrives.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will not be called the Samsung Galaxy Note FE and to make sure they customers knows that it is a refurbished model, the Note FE will come with an R on the back. This is based on the latest set of leaked images that has been making its round on the internet.

Previous reports also suggest that the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will come with the same processor, RAM, and camera but the battery will now be a lot smaller and of course safer. Those looking to get the refurbished Note 7 will have to make do with the 3200mAh battery.

Of course, we do not know if the leak images are real or not so take it with a pinch of salt.

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