Can’t Wait For Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 Rollout? DIY

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Android 4.0, otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich, is the upgrade on everyone’s lips at the moment. Some devices are getting it and others are not. If you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note you are among the lucky ones as the update became available in some parts of Europe last week. If you haven’t received the update yet because you aren’t in that region but do own a Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 then you can find help in upgrading over at the XDA Developers forums.

Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 update instructions

It appears that this long awaited update has been staggered and Germany is one of the lucky countries to have already gotten their hands on the update. On the plus side the update is for the GT-N7000 model of the device which should means that it is compatible with many of the Note units to come from Samsung across Asia and the UK as well.

So the first step is to check if your device is the GT-N700 model before risking the update. Just reboot your device and during the process it will show your model number. Once confirmed, you can go about upgrading your Samsung Galaxy Note to Android 4.0 right away instead of waiting for Samsung and your carrier to roll it out. There is a certain amount of risk of course since you need to make sure your device is rooted and you follow the instructions carefully.

Check out the guide for upgrading at the forum below.

[XDA forums]

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