Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price Got Fans Worried

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It is common to see Apple hike up the price of their iPhone with each new release and while we have seen Samsung do the same with their smartphones as well, it usually comes with a reasonable enough price tag that people would not mind.

However, a new leaked suggest that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could be coming with a massive price tag that might scare the fans away from the device. According to the report, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 512GB will be sold for $1500. There might also be a cheaper model with 128GB and $1200 but even that is pretty pricey.

We know that Samsung will be taking out the 64GB model this time so the 128GB option will be the cheapest option. Of course, these prices are said to be European prices so things might still change when it arrives here in the US this year so take it all with a pinch of salt for now.