Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Helps Samsung Get Back Into The Game

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Although the Samsung Galaxy S9 does have a lot to offer, it is not exactly what we would call a game changer as it was more of an upgraded version of the Galaxy S8. That could be the main reason why the device did not sell as well as Samsung was hoping it would but luckily for Samsung, the Galaxy Note 9 is here to save the day.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is now ready for pre-orders in South Korea and the initial reports suggest that Galaxy Note 8 is also beating the Galaxy S9. While it is still a long way from catching up to the Note 8 and Note 7, it is still doing great and that hopefully would be enough to boost the bottom line for Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pre-order books are still open right now so you can still place your order before the smartphone officially arrives on the 24th of August.