Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Why iPad Mini Should Be Worried

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It is safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be making its appearance at the MWC in Barcelona next month. It has been said to have a camera of 5 megapixels, an Exynos processor and the 8 inch display that is said to have a resolution of 1280 x 800.

The specs may not be very exciting as after all we have seen variations of these spread throughout other devices already. However we have not seen them inside one single device, and more so a device that has the Note name, which is causing excitement.

Samsung are not strangers to tablets, the Galaxy Tab was the first challenge to the Apple iPad. Since then Samsung have gone on to offer many variations of the Tab and these have come in different shapes and sizes. Some of these have been involved in battles with Apple in court and the legal stigmas, along with the dilution of the brand, that let’s face it was not too sexy to start with, hasn’t done anything to favour the Tab family.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPad Mini for small tablet space

If Samsung can deliver new features then the Samsung Note 8 does stand a good chance against what will likely be its biggest rival – the iPad Mini. And here is why it can excel.

The form factor and the S Pen are two things. Many people appreciate tablets in 7 and 8 inches as they are more portable. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come in time to make the most of the mid-size space in the tablet market. It would be madness for Samsung not to include the S Pen stylus with the tablet and this brings many features with it, and this is what makes the Note, a Note. If you put this with the Wacom digitiser, the Samsung Note 8 will be far from just another Android tablet on the market and will also give it a unique feature over the iPad Mini.

The device will be far from that of the Note 10.1 and the flimsy build, performance that lags and the proprietary charger, which all caused it to lose points. Let’s hope that the great build of the Nexus 10 comes over to the 8 inch tablet.

Samsung are domineering the market of smartphones when it comes to marketing. They beat all Android competition in 2012, even destroying the HTC One X with their blitz for the Samsung Galaxy S3. They then did the same with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, after they saturated the market with posters, bus wraps and billboards, more than seen with any other device. Then of course there were the TV ads, which left an impression. The Note brand is hot and everyone from 70 year olds to the younger generation recognise the Galaxy Note brand name, which cannot be said of the Tab. While the name “iPad” has become synonymous with tablets, we now have another brand that is getting up to there as well.

Samsung will have something up their sleeves to ensure that they will be able to transfer the dominance in the smartphone world to the tablet world and it should be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8that is worth getting excited about.

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