Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Smudgy Pictures Foreseen

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One of the upgrades that Samsung made on their new flagship this year was to change the position of their fingerprint sensor. The Samsung Galaxy S8 came with a fingerprint sensor fitted beside the camera lens in the back.

While that sounded like the perfect spot on paper, the users quickly realize that the spot might not be the best place for a fingerprint sensor. A lot of users reported that they ended up rubbing their camera lens when they try to locate the sensor and had to deal with the lens getting dirty and oily all the time.

Sadly, it looks like the same issue might appear when the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 arrives as new report suggest that the Note 8 fingerprint sensor will also be located beside the camera lens.

The huge Note 8 display is not going to help make things easier for the users as well but at the end of the day, we don’t think the consumers would actually cross the Note 8 off because of the position of the sensor.

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