Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Reverting Back To Old Ways

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You would think that after the huge mistake they made with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, they would learn to take things slow this time around. Many believe that the reason why the Note 7 had so many issues was because Samsung rushed it and did not have enough time to give it a good test.

Most reports believe that the Note 8 could be arriving a bit late this year as Samsung will want to take their own sweet time with the smartphone but new reports are now saying that we might actually see the Note 8 launch sooner.

According to The Bell, the reason why the Note 8 might arrive sooner is because they have decided to ditch the display integrated fingerprint sensor. They added that the tech is not secure yet and Samsung is not willing to take the risk. Samsung is not the only one that has given up integrating the sensor to their display this year. There were reports claiming that Apple was working on the same feature but decided to cancel it as well.

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