Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Loses Physical Home Button Forever

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Even though Samsung didn’t have much luck with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 they are not giving up on the note series it seems. There is going to be a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and it will offer up a lot of exciting things when it arrives.

New rumours have come out that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 isn’t going to come with a physical home button and we have heard that it is ditching it forever.

The home button is also home to the fingerprint reader on other Note handsets and this is going and this means that owners are going to have to sue double tap to wake to get their handset out of the standby mode.

Apps can be minimized by way of gestures or by using the digital home button on the display. The fingerprint scanner is going to be updated and it will operate on screen and it will make the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 the most technologically advanced device yet.

Of course for the time being these are nothing but rumours and you are going to have to take them with a pinch of salt. Samsung hasn’t given us any information yet about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, however if it did offer these features it might make up for the mess up with the Note 7.

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