Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bears Note 7 Scars

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It was the same time last year that Samsung had one of its biggest failures yet. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was set up to be one of the best phablets last year but things fell apart quickly when reports of the exploding battery started going around.

While it is still too early to say if the Note 8 will suffer the same fate or not, it is clear that Samsung is doing everything they can to make sure history does not repeat itself again.

When Samsung announce the new Note 8, they also reveal that the device will be coming in with a 3300mAh battery. That means the Note 8 will be sporting a battery that is even smaller than what the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is offering.

With the Note 8 coming in with a bigger screen, most people were expecting a bigger battery but maybe Samsung wants to be more careful this time. Others think that it was to make space for the new dual camera and S Pen.

What do you think?

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