Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE: Hearing From The Horse’s Mouth

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We knew that Samsung was going to refurbished the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and sell it but Samsung has never mentioned anything about that until now. After all the speculations and leak, Samsung finally announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE.

While the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will come with all the features, Samsung did make a few changes to the device. First off, the Note 7 FE will come with a smaller 3200mAh battery. The device will also come with Bixby on board.

The rest of the device will remain the same. Samsung will be offering the device in South Korea. No word on whether they will also offer the device in the other region. However, if you were thinking that since it is a refurbished device, Samsung will offer it with a much smaller price tag, think again. Despite everything, Samsung will sell the device for $610 which is cheaper but still pricey.

Would you get the Note 7 FE if Samsung were to offer it here in the US?

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