Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cleared Up

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Samsung said that when they found out the answers behind the battery explosions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 they would tell everyone and it seems that they have and they are now clearing up the mess.

Samsung said that two issues led to the downfall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery malfunction. They said that there wasn’t anything wrong with the actual handset they produced but that the original battery and the replacement one both had separate issues and this lead to the demise of the handset.

The first set of batteries to come with the flaw in design caused the electrodes to bend. This then caused a breakdown in the separation of the positive and negative tabs and it resulted in a short circuit, in some cases this led to overheating and then explosion.

Samsung then got battery replacements for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but there was a welding defect on them and again it caused the battery to short circuit. Samsung also talked about plans for the future to ensure that the batteries were safe.

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