Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Another Recall Possible

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been surrounded by a great deal of controversy since its arrival and Samsung had to recall and replace devices. However recently it was alleged that a replacement device had caught fire when the owner was on a plane in the US. Now the consumer safety watchdog is looking into it and this could lead to another recall of the handsets.

At the moment we don’t have official information about whether the replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets are safe. However experts have said that perhaps Samsung could be looking at a second recall. A former executive director for the CPSC said that if the handset in question was one of the replacements then a recall would be put in place.

This of course would signify the death of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and tarnish the reputation of Samsung, perhaps for good. The agency is going to arrive at a decision very soon as they said that it isn’t something that should be hanging around.

It was said that a second recall of a product is extremely rare; however on saying this it would be done if needed. So at the moment the reputation of Samsung and safety of owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacements may also be in question.

After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mess up do you trust Samsung enough to purchase a new handset from them?

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