Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Also Mocked By Gamers

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It seems that Samsung just cannot catch a break thanks to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which has been recalled due to the fact that it might explode. Now even gamers are mocking the phone maker.

While there isn’t going to be many times you wished you had a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that exploded, if you are playing GTA V, you might. Many handsets have now been replaced or people have got their money back but this isn’t going to stop the handset from being known as one of the biggest tech failures and Samsung being laughed at.

Recently a video was uploaded which showed the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its exploding battery being put to good use. The video showed a player of GTA V using the handset as a sticky bomb.

Samsung might not see the funny side to the video, neither will any owner that was affected when they bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but plenty of gamers have.

Of course while it’s ok to laugh about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 being used as a sticky bomb to blow things up in a game, there is a serious side to it. Luckily there haven’t been any reports of people being seriously hurt due to the faulty batteries.

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