Samsung Galaxy Note 6 US Release Blindsides iPhone 7 Plus

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is getting ready for its launch in the US and the date for release is said to be 15 August. So does this mean that Samsung are going blindside the launch of the iPhone 7 Plus?

There has been talk that Samsung have moved the launch up by a couple of months so as to coincide with the launch of Android N. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been a superb handset and the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is sure to be an improvement.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is going to arrive with a better and faster processor, larger battery, more RAM, newer camera and there is talk of it having support for SD card. As the S5 was waterproof it is thought that the same will apply to the Note 6.

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 arrives on the 15 August, if it has Android N preinstalled this will mean that it is offering the latest OS when the Note 5 on AT&T hasn’t even been updated to Marshmallow.

So are you looking forward to getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 on August 15 and is it going to blindside the iPhone 7 Plus?

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