Samsung Galaxy Note 6: It’s Like We Already Know You

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Now that we have seen what the Samsung Galaxy S7 has to offer, we predict that the attention will be shifting over to the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 soon so here is what we know about the upcoming new phablet right now.

No official announcement has been made yet but it is believed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might come with an even larger display. We do not know how we feel about an even larger display but fans seem to be loving it every time Samsung makes it bigger.

Like the Samsung Galaxy S7, we are also expecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to come with VR support. Maybe they will also offer their customers a free VR headset of they pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 6?

Besides all those, we are also expecting some of the usual upgrades like a better processor, RAM, camera as well as battery life. The new Note 6 is expected to arrive in the fall this year.

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