Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Sony Xperia Z5: More Than Meets The Eye

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Which one of the two comes to your mind if we’d like to talk about their camera performance – Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s primary 16-megapixel shooter or Sony Xperia Z5’s 23-megapixel rear camera? Sony’s figures could obviously tell us that it’s got the upper hand, but could it prove to be what we expected it to be?

The folks from YugaTech made some interesting discovery and the below comparison shows the differences between the two. These are some of the shots taken on Auto mode and you’ll be the judge in seeing who took the better ones:

Outdoor – General Shot


Winner: B for Sony Xperia Z5

Outdoor – Depth of Field


Winner: B for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Outdoor – Texture


Winner: A for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Outdoor – Sunrise


Winner: A for Sony Xperia Z5

Indoor – General Shot


Winner: B for Sony Xperia Z5

As we can see here, the overall winner is the Sony Xperia Z5, and there’s no denying that. Though it’s a tough battle, we’ve got to give props to the Z5 in being slightly ahead of the Note 5. Probably those megapixels really helped a lot.

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