Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S: Big Guys Battle It Out

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They cannot be compared like an apple to an apple, because frankly, they are too different. Though the difference can be minimal, there’s no denying that there have been quite a number of people who had expressed their disinterest when using both the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6S, simultaneously.

Perhaps the iPhone’s most annoying feature is that it provides neither of the background multitasking function and a proper multi-window to work on. And also the fact that it isn’t a really user-friendly device when it comes to “playing well with others”, case being such as the that couldn’t seem to be loading on Chrome for Android.

While it’s also worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has its own trade-offs too, like the glass-and-metal chassis that wouldn’t allow users to replace batteries unlike how their predecessors can. And you also won’t be able to expand on the built-in memory with a microSD card. But then again, comparing between these two just isn’t fair to begin with, since iPhone doesn’t have the Stylus and proper writing input options. Again, we’re back to square one: the Apples and Oranges comparison.

Truth to be told, it all depends on the individual preferences when it comes to purchasing the phone of your dreams. Have a think about whether you prefer a multitasking or a minimalist phone, and you’ll know for sure where to turn to.

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