Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Undermines Midrange Choices

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If having to choose between a new midrange phone and a refurbished version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 then we choose the latter without hesitation. Both of the handsets retail for under $300 but the Note 5 is the better choice, at least we think so.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may be old now but this doesn’t change the fact that it comes with hardware that is still much better than what it is in some of the midrange devices on the market. The Note 5 also offers up the S-Pen and this provides even more features.

You can get hold of the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from $250 and the device works very well. The new mid-range handsets do have plenty to offer but even so they still come under what the Note 5 is capable of offering.

We do recommend you going for the refurbished version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as opposed to one of the new mid-market phones. It’s not unusual to be able to pick up the Note 5 for $250 over on eBay or you can get it on Amazon.

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