Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The Battery Life Tests Came Back…

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Take a look at the above image and you could be awed with the shocking findings discovered by the folks from GSM Arena. People were curious as to how the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s smaller battery capacity could hold up to, so a few tests were carried out to prove its awesomeness.

GSM Arena found that web browsing on the Note 5 comes in at 10 hours and 43 minutes, whereby it matches the result of its predecessor before its Android Lollipop update. Video playback brings a bit of a downfall as it could last for a little shorter than 14 hours. That’s almost four hours less compared to its predecessor, but still rather impressive.

Moreover, 28 hours and 34 minutes of 3G talk time could definitely get you through the day, if not three full days on a single charge if you only use it for an hour in each specified category. In other words, if you only use your Note 5 for 1 hour of telephony, web browsing and video playback daily, rest assured as your phone may save you from being stranded on an island for a few days. (That’s if you are stranded).

Now, would you be more prouder of your Note 5 than ever before? What other shocking discoveries you’ve found from your device?

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