Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery Life: Koreans Know What They’re Doing

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They really do. That’s because apparently, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that came with a smaller battery is just as capable as when compared with the Note 4. No wonder many were surprised by this shocking fact, discovered by the folks behind GSM Arena.

The battery that’s offered in the Note 5 is actually relatively smaller than that of the Note 4 too, but while you think that the number might suggest that Samsung could have messed up somewhere along the line, they haven’t. In fact, they had successfully prove that they actually know what they are doing.

GSM Arena’s battery test track results on Note 5 came back positive; there’s a capability of recording about 28.34 hours of talk time beating the Note 4 (28.31 hours). Though the difference is minimal, but we are equally surprised since the Note 5 has a smaller battery. Turns out that they could produce something that’s of equal quality with a shrunken battery size.

Moreover, the Note 5’s web browsing hours also matched the Note 4’s, although the former offered 4 hours less when being used for video playback compared to the Note 4. That just goes to show that every wonderful thing could have a drawback too. Regardless, it’s still a pretty good phone.

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