Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Regret Is Shown With Note 5

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has perhaps been the best in the Note series to come from Samsung and we say this as the device came with just about everything you could want in a handset.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with the fastest processor and a superb QHD display, camera that is top notch and it offered the Snapdragon 805 processor along with 3GB RAM.

The device even offered wireless along with quick charging and a fingerprint scanner and these are tech that you would typically only see on premium Android devices of today. This meant that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was ahead of its time back when it was launched.

The handset was the last major one to come from the phone maker with a battery that could be removed and it supported SD card storage. Thanks to the huge amount of features it offered you would have thought that Samsung would want to keep it around for as long as possible with Android updates.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 didn’t sell as well and the Note 7 was a disaster from start to premature end. Samsung needs consumers to move to newer devices instead of just sticking with the old ones as this way they get more profit and sales are pushed.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was the best in the series as it was years ahead when it was first launched and this is why Samsung hasn’t been able to release another device like it. The Note 5 was only an enhancement of the Note 4 and this is why it didn’t sell well.

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  1. Nostromo

    March 21, 2017 at 4:43 am

    I’m glad I have my Note 4 and Note Edge. My S7 Edge, with the “locked-in-for-freshness” battery, is the fast drain battery champ so I parked it and reactivated the Note Edge. I have a pair of spare batteries for both Notes and as they are running Marshmallow they are as new devices performance-wise. Coming from the high performance Note7 (despite its issues) and S7 Edge I do not feel a performance crunch/lag even though my Notes 4 & Edge are nearly three and one-half years old. Moving away from removable batteries is a big mistake. Since May of 2000 I have owned dozens of devices and never lost one of them to drowning. I also use an LG V20 on my secondary line. LG now seems poised to ditch removable batteries also to satisfy the klutzy-types prone to dropping their phones in the sink, bathtub or toilet. Dumb move, LG.