Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Is The Best Of The Best

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was one of the biggest disasters the smartphone maker has had to deal with as it was recalled not long after it arrived. This led the way for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to re-emerge as one of the best phablets on the markets. This was due to the fact that the Note 5 didn’t offer great performance, which led to the Note 4 gaining the lead.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been on the market for over two years but it has remained popular. Some people have called the handset the best-selling Samsung device of all time.

Before the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was launched, it was said to be coming with many features. Usually when the actual device comes out it is missing many of the supposed features, but not the Note 4 as it seemed to come with just about everything.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 offered up one of the fastest processors, a superb QHD display, high quality camera and the quad core Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB RAM.

It offered up quick charging features, along with wireless charging and it also had a fingerprint scanner along with heart rate monitor. The S Pen was offered and this managed to take the Note series above other standard tablets.

But do you think that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the best of the best from Samsung?

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