Samsung Galaxy Note 3 In Plain Sight On CES 2013 Floors… Wait, That Could Be Just Too Big

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Two of the biggest surprises that were rumoured for the CES 2013 were the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 along with the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung in Lebanon said that any rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming out soon were untrue and that the handset would not make its way onto the market before May.

Massive Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S9 spotted at CES

Rumours continued floating around about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. One rumour was that the screen of the device would be updated. This appears to be one of the main things that people want from the new device and they kept their eyes peeled for at the CES.

Samsung did reveal something with huge proportions; however it wasn’t the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Instead it was a 4K TV with a massive 85 inch display and which happened to look like a chalk board!

The Samsung S9 UHD TV can convert HD into full HD, even to a maximum of UHD quality. The set can restore detailed information, and this means that it has much greater precision, along with real life picture quality. Samsung have also been bragging about another feature, voice interaction, which is similar to Siri. Apparently the TV set can listen to commands given by its owner, as well as questions asked. Samsung have said that the TV is very human-like due to this feature.

At the moment there is no word on pricing or the shipping date. However Samsung did say that they will be revealing another set that would be larger, with a display of 110 inches. This is thought to be making its way to the market at some point in 2013.

Meanwhile there are rumours that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will get a larger display too and it will be 1080p, however it won’t be 85 inches! You’ve just got to love Samsung and their displays.

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