Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Octa Cores Is Just Snake Oil?

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumors are in full steam after the company unveiled a bunch of new technologies at CES last week. In particular the flexible AMOLED displays and 8-core processors.

8-core chip in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would be a publicity stunt only

Now one of those features, the Exyno octa-core chip, is under fire from Qualcomm even before it made its way into a production-ready smartphones like the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 3. According to Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs, the 8-core processor is just a publicity stunt as it won’t offer any real world benefits.

Jacobs explains that as the number of cores increase, the more difficult i tit o manage power usage and temperature. As such, it would mean that the big.LITTLE ARM architecture may not really be about improving power management versus older chips but just to keep the octa-core processor in check so it isn’t a huge battery hog.

This is quite interesting given the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be even larger and as such consume more power (6.3-inch screen). We will just have to wait and see a real-world application to find out which chip manufacturer is right – Qualcomm or Samsung?

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