Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Spotted On CES Floors With Whopper Of A Display… My Bad, It’s The S9

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Two of the biggest rumours at CES 2013 were about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. In Lebanon, Samsung recently said that rumours about an early release for the Galaxy S4 were unfounded and that it wouldn’t be out before May.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 shies away from CES 2013

Rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are still going strong, though. One of the main rumours was an updated larger display, and this goes to show how much people want this screen, and how much they’re looking for it.

Samsung did reveal its next big thing at CES, but it wasn’t the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It was in fact a 4K TV – 85 inches – that looked more like a chalkboard! The Samsung S9 UHD TV can upscale HD into full HD and even UHD. This TV can restore detail, so there’s more precision and a lifelike picture quality. Samsung also bigged up the voice interaction of this TV. It can listen and respond to your commands, as well as answer questions about TV schedules and so on. According to Samsung, this TV is almost human.

We’ve got no idea of the price of this TV, or even when it’s due to start shipping, but the company does have an even bigger – 110 inches – TV that’s coming out in late 2013.

The Galaxy Note 3 is also rumoured to be getting a bigger display and a higher resolution, but we don’t want 85 inches in our pockets! Well at least not that way.

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