Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & The Octa-Core Overkill

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Despite the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 not making an appearance at CES, we did get a glimpse of new technology that the Korean giant is working on and likely making its way into the next-gen Galaxy S phones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & 8-core rumors

While there wasn’t much criticism about the flexible display, Samsung’s 8-core processor attracted a surprising amount of flack. As Product-Reviews points out, the forums are filled with comments like, “8 cores for a mobile platform is pure marketing.“

Others analyze the benefits and say that the new 8-core chipset “wouldn’t benchmark much higher than a quad core for computing and gaming“. Others go down the software route and explain that Android is barely multithreaded, apps even less, hence all those cores wouldn’t benefit as much as you would expect.

So what do people really want from the next-gen Samsung Galaxy Note 3? More storage space for one (current one is limited to 16GB) and a higher resolution display of 1080p full HD. The latter will especially hold true if rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 having a 6-inch display.

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