Samsung Website: Unreleased Galaxy Note 3 Specs Posted By Mistake!

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While the Samsung Galaxy S series is the true flagship range for the Korean giant, the Samsung Galaxy Note series is getting just as popular.

And that may be the reason behind the recent snafu over at the official Samsung Mobile USA website. The folks over at SidhTech report that for a brief period, the flagship smartphone page for the Samsung Galaxy S3 was replaced with details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The unreleased Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was posted with official press pictures and full specs added the blog, before it was removed and then replaced with details to do with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

So SidhTech speculates that maybe the tech team behind the Samsung website were confused about which flagship 2014 phone details were suppose to be posted to the site today morning. Thankfully the blog managed to grab one of the press images (see below) before the mistake was fixed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Update: Ignore the image as it appears to be a concept only. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wasn’t posted on the official site today, April 1st. I’m guessing you now know exactly what SidhTech was up to!

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