Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Butts Into S4 Hype

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While those in the US have only just managed to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it seems that there could be a Note 3 in the making and the display could be even larger.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumors join S4

There have been lots of rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming out next year. However now it looks as though Samsung may also have the Note 3 coming earlier than expected too. At the moment the Note 2 is among the best Android handsets out there, with some saying it takes the title of Samsung’s flagship. Both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the LG Nexus 4 have had to bow down to the Note 2, with its display of 5.5 inches. Many people worried that the device would be too large; however it has been welcomed with open arms.

Now back to the Note 3, Product-Reviews reports that DLNS certification has shown that there is a device with the model number GT-N5100. Up to now the GT-N tag is what Samsung have dedicated to their Note and Note 2. This leads them to believe that there is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in the making.

So what could the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 bring us? Some say that it may just be a larger version of the Note 2, instead of a next gen handset. Samsung will want to have something to reveal at the MWC 2013, as this is the event where they release big star devices year after year.

However are we ready for a Note 3? As the Note 2 comes with specs that would be hard to beat, along with its superb features, what more can Sammy do? There is a rumour going around that the device could have a display that is edge to edge. Of course Samsung are hoping to have the YOUM flexible display ready for devices next year, so could the Note 3 have this tech too?

If the GT-N5100 device turns out to be the real deal, it’s possible that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could come somewhere in between the Note 2 and Nexus 7 in size.

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