Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Coming To Steal S4 Thunder (PICS)

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Despite the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 only just coming out, we may be seeing a Note 3 very soon, with an even larger display, according to Product-Reviews.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 crashes in to Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor mill

We’ve been watching Samsung Galaxy S4 rumours since the S3 came out, and now it looks like the Note 2 release has sparked tales of the Note 3 right on cue. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the scion of Android devices, and is clearly the best phablet on the market. Some say it’s the best device all told. The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the LG Nexus 4 look puny by comparison both in terms of screen size and features. So Samsung certainly has its worked cut out for it if its wishes to trump the current Note 2.

If the leaked DNLS certification is right, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will have the model number GT-N5100, as Samsung has dedicated the GT-N tag for the Note and the Note 2, so it seems that this new device will be the follow-on from the Note 2.

What will it look like, though? It’s thought that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be a larger version of the Note 2 rather than having a new image altogether, PR says. It’s also believed that Samsung will want a new gadget that they can showcase at MWC 2013 – the company likes to reveal its flagships at this event. So they could be rushing it for this reason.

Is the public ready for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? The Note 2 is amazing enough, and recent stories about a Samsung Galaxy S4 with an edge-to-edge display make you wonder if the Note 3 will have this look. Also, we need to remember that Samsung is aiming to get its flexible YOUM display up and running next year. This would come in handy if the Note 3 is really bigger than the current phablet.


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