Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Steals Galaxy S4 Limelight Just A Bit (Rumors)

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is here and it’s proving to be very popular, and this popularity has led to rumours of a Note 3 with an even bigger screen already. These rumours are running alongside whispers of a March 2013 release of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumors follow Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of the best Androids  – if not one of the best devices full stop – around at the moment. The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the LG Nexus 4 are both dwarfed by it, and they lack the multi-windows and S-Pen that make the Note 2 such a stand-out phone. If Samsung wants to improve on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 it’s going to have to work very hard indeed.

Reliable sources say that there have been some certification leaks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and they point to a larger Note 2 rather than a departure from its current form. It might come out at MWC 2013, as this is the event at which most flagship devices first see the light of day. This event might also be the venue for the Samsung Galaxy S4 debut.

Is the public ready for a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 yet? The Note 2 has so many brilliant features that people are still getting to grips with, and if the Note 3 is going to be even bigger, it might be off-putting. Unless, of course, this new version features Samsung’s YOUM flexible screen tech.

It’s also rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S4 might come with an edge-to-edge flexible screen, too. Samsung did say that its YOUM tech would start production in early 2013, so one or both devices might be the showcase for this innovation.

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