Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Bigger Is Better Apparently

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Samsung are working on the next Galaxy Note, right now dubbed the Galaxy Note 3, and it may have an even larger display at 6.3 inches reports CNET.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumors

Samsung have been the pioneers for phablets, a device that falls in between the size of a smartphone and tablet. They enjoyed great sales with the original Samsung Galaxy Note with 5.3 inch display and then with the Note 2, with the display of 5.5 inches.

The Note has enjoyed success around the globe, last month the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sold 5 million units in just two months, and this was double the amount of their first Note.

We’re not sure if upping the screen size is the reason behind the continued success of the Galaxy Note series but if it is true then the latest rumors of a 6.3-inch will be right on track!

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