Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Imminent Release Tipped By Drastic Price Drop

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There are many advantages to choosing Android devices and the biggest of these is that there is plenty of choice. The second reason is that they are often included in retailer’s sales. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is half price at the moment and this had led to speculation that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may be about to show its face.

Whenever there is a price cut on a device there are always rumours about retailers making way for stock of the successor to the handset. This shouldn’t be the case with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as the device is not that old and we are not expecting Samsung to reveal the new handset until later this year.

Having said this over at Amazon you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for $149.99 on a contract of two years. This is for new customers, if you are upgrading then you will have to pay $189.99, which is still a great deal.

Of course you could be in the middle of a two year and there is no indication of how long the offer will run for, so you could miss out. On the other hand, while unlikely, it could be a long term deal.

So are you tempted to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or will you hang on for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or the Samsung Galaxy S4? This device has been rumoured to be coming out very soon and it may have a larger display.

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